IMMACULAW LLC is focused on providing strategic financial solutions, sophisticated legal structures, and specialized transactional advice to its targeted base of institutional, corporate, and religious organization clients.  Comprised of a lean staff of highly experienced and skilled attorneys, Immaculaw offers its clients the high-level legal expertise of a large firm with the flexibility and lower fee structure of a smaller firm. 

By completing a high volume of transactions in specialized areas, Immaculaw has developed industry-leading expertise, specifically with respect to the following:

  • taxable and tax-exempt bond offerings
  • innovative financing structures
  • real estate acquisition, development, and financing projects
  • affordable housing
  • private equity, investment funds, and corporate capital structuring
  • leverage and structured finance
  • insurance-backed financing and asset generation
  • not-for-profit creation, governance, conversions, and taxation
  • endowment funding programs

Additionally, Immaculaw is highly experienced in a broad range of areas specifically targeted to its religious organizational clients including Catholic dioceses, religious orders, hospitals and healthcare providers, schools, parishes, and affordable housing organizations.  Having represented such clients in a broad range of transactions including complex financing arrangements, real estate matters, and asset protection mechanisms, Immaculaw's attorneys have developed a unique combination of legal knowledge and specialized skills which differentiates Immaculaw in the legal marketplace.

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Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: 312-726-5016
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